Mountain Climbing Checklist

There is a similarity in mountain climbing and hike with minor differences. What to carry and experience is almost the same although mountaineering is not an ultralight activity.

You will need to know more than just the basics to survive unexpected mountain weather for different seasons and which you should always plan for. The length of the climb, the geographical location and weather forecast must be considered.

What to carry for mountain climbing?

These items should be on your checklist:
• Climbing backpack/gear
• Dry Ropes
• Helmet
• Harness-for fastening purposes
• Hand protection(gloves)
• Snow protection gear
• Crampons
• Karabiners (lockable & unlockable)
• Shovel-to remove snow
• Weather-appropriate clothing
• Climbing boots or shoes
• Plenty of food
• Plenty of water
• Navigation tools such as a map and compass
• First-aid kit
• Knife or multi-tool
• Trekking poles
• Hand sanitizer
• Menstrual products(ladies)
• Sunglasses/sun hat
• Toiletries
• Toilet papers
• Camera
• Binoculars
• Headlamp
• Overnight gear (mountaineering tents, sleeping bags/pads)
• Personal Extras
Some of the noticeable mountains for climbing are Mt Kenya and Mt Kilimanjaro which need good preparation in terms pre-hikes preferably 3 hikes and we will be hand to facilitate them for our guests.