Zip lining Tour

Zip lining is an adventurous activity that one may be nervous to try but at the end of it you will be left as an excited person.
One may be nervous because you have so many what if’s and phobia to engage in it. Once, you manage to do away with the phobia you will be amused how you managed the adventure.

Below are some of the tips that will help you out:

♦️don’t show up for the trip with hangovers
♦️Wearing the comfortable and suitable clothes like longer shorts, light trekking pants, sneakers/comfortable shoes
♦️Follow stipulated safety instructions
♦️Be simple and keep it light-avoid unnecessary accessories & gadgets
♦️Avoid million selfies-take a few shots and take time to enjoy the scenery
♦️Apply sunscreen lotion
♦️Carry insect’s sprayer
♦️Carry some drinking water with you
♦️Let it go and do enjoy the experience

Some of the places we do organise for zip lining tours are Kereita Forest in Limuru and Kakuyuni in Malindi (Coastal Region).Feel free to join us for the exciting experiences.