Hiking Enthusiasts Checklist

What delightful way to explore nature with friends and family, or even yourself while hiking? Ever thought of places to do hike? The places are so many be it close to your homes, mountains, hills, national parks, natural forest lands are ideal for the trail.

Mountain Climbing Checklist

There is a similarity in mountain climbing and hike with minor differences. What to carry and experience is almost the same although mountaineering is not an ultralight activity.

Canopy walking tour

Have you heard of the longest canopy walk in East Africa and a magnificent natural blue pool found in Nanyuki? The exact is place where it’s found is known as Ngare Ndare.

Zip lining Tour

Zip lining is an adventurous activity that one may be nervous to try but at the end of it you will be left as an excited person.

Dolphin Cruise/Diving/Yatch cruise/kayaking Tour

Going on water adventures is always fun and exciting. You get to spend time with your family and friends, make new friend, catch up and just relax with the waves below you. Going on a dolphin watching tour is the best way to spend time on the water and have a fun day full of adventure and surprises.

Safari Game drive

A game drive is the highlight of any African safari vacation and it’s not complete without taking a safari game drive in Kenya. Kenya has various national parks among them Nairobi National Park the only park found in the city in the world, Masai Mara national reserve, Amboseli national park, Tsavo west national park.Tsavo East national park, Shimba hills national reserve, Aberdare national park,Lake Nakuru national park,Meru national park and Kora national park.