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Enjoy spending in classic standard rooms,delicious meals,sun basking,cool breeze from the sandy beaches and a taste of fresh madafu in DIANI SOUTH COAST.

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1.Jacaranda Indian Ocean- ksh 17,200 pps(22nd Dec-2nd Jan 20)FB

2.The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel – ksh 25,500 pps(2Oth Dec-2nd Jan 20)FB

3.Pinewood Beach Resort & spa -ksh 13,500 pps(20th Dec-3rd Jan 20)FB

4.Kaskazi Beach Hotel-Ksh 21,150 pps(22nd Dec-2nd Jan 20)AI

5.Baobab Beach Resort & spa-ksh 17,000 pps(22nd Dec-2nd Jan 20)AI

6.Morning Star Diani-Ksh 10,950 pps( (1st Dec-15th Dec 19)FB

7.Amani Tiwi Beach Resort -ksh 15,750 pps(23rd Dec-2nd Jan 20)AI

8.Leisure Lodge Resort-ksh 7,500 pps( (1st Dec-19th Dec 19)FB

9.Diani Sea Resort-ksh 12,500 pps(21st Dec-4th Jan 20)AI

10.Southern Palms Beach Resort-ksh 18,000 pps(23Rd Dec-2nd Jan 20)AI

11.Neptune Village Beach Resort & Spa-ksh 14,150 pps(21st Dec-4th Jan 20)AI

12.Neptune Paradise Beach Resort & Spa-ksh 18,250 pps(21st Dec-4th Jan 20)AI

13.Neptune Palm Beach Boutique Resort -ksh 19,450 pps(21st Dec-4th Jan 20)AI

14.Leopard Beach Resort-ksh 12,000 pps(1st Dec-22nd Dec 19)AI

15.Diani Sea Lodge-Ksh 12,000 pps(21st Dec-4th Jan 20)AI

For booking and enquiries,
call +254 782 124 384 /+254 708 419 433

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